1. Makes You Blind
2. Get Down
3. With You
4. Can’t Feel My Face
5. Rock Your World
6. Yali Yali
7. Get Down To The Floor
8. Dare
9. Baby Come On
10. Pacey’s
11. People Are People
12. Arcade Robot
13. When A Fire Starts To Burn
14. Gravity’s Rainbow
15. Primetime Of Your Life
16. Eye In The Sky
17. Cellophane
18. T.I.T.T.S.
19. Jimmy Jimmy Aja
20. Over And Over
21. Earth People
22. Be Free
1. Freedom At Point Zero
2. Born To Be Wild
3. What I Like About You
4. How The Stars Got Crossed
5. Little Girl
6. Rockin’ In The Free World
7. Gamma Ray
8. Audio Video Disco
9. Hot Pants
10. Computer Love
11. Cardova
12. Whole Lotta Love
13. Haboglabotribin’
14. I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby
15. Uphill Peace of Mind
16. Don’t Sneak On Me
17. Good For You
18. Shadow Dancing
19. Can I Have It Like That
20. That’s The Joint
21. I Get Lifted
22. I Get Lifted
23. Time of The Season
24. The Bertha Butt Boogie
25. Hella Good
26. Fun It
27. Sister Saviour
28. No Silver Bird
29. Come Get It Bae
30. Smells Like Teen Spirit
31. Sheep Go To Heaven
32. Crosstown (Jim Sharp edit)
33. Shake Your Booty
34. Renegades of Funk
35. Fire On High
36. Parallel Universe
37. Aspectacle
38. Blue Monday
39. Hash Pipe
40. Vulkan Alarm!
41. Space Rock
42. Know The Ledge
43. Seven Nation Army (Digitalism remix)
44. She Wants To Move (DFA remix)
45. Magic
46. For You
47. Jane
48. No Time
49. Gimme All Your Lovin’
50. Bohemian Rhapsody
Bicycle Race
De Kleeer Ting
Mama Used To Say
Let’s Ride
Just Like A Door Knob
Love So Deep
Get Up and Dance
This Is A Party
Does It Feel Good
Strung Out On The Boogie
Move (Jellybean mix)
Who’s Getting It Now
Somebody (extreme mix)
Do It Now
I Like What You’re Doing
What Have You Done For Me Lately
Shake It Up
Love Thang
Body Language
Oddysey (Zongamin edit)
Move To Groove
I Wonder Why
Get Off Your Ass and Jam
Love You Up
Funky Like A Train
The Record Keeps Spinning
There It Is
Help From My Friends
Upside Down
Give Up The Funk / Tonight
Jump To It / Ease Out
Show You My Love
The Funk Phenomena
Spank (Quebra Coco edit)
Zulu Nation Takedown
Must Be The Music
You & I
You Gotta Get Up
Rappin’ Blow / WDPK 83.7FM
Release Disco
Mt. Airy Groove
Monster Jam
Body Slam
King Tim III
Don’t Sneak
All Wrapped Up
Need Somebody New
Endless Street
Space Rock
The Scene
I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
If You Feel The Funk
Hot Shot
Love Hangover (Apt One edit)
Music Sounds Better / Sincerely Yours
Love Come Down